taiwan series: it's good to be back

i woke up this morning at 4am, thanks to jet lag and a strange call from delta airlines. i really need to remember to set my phone to "do not disturb" while on the opposite side of the world. by around 9:30, i was ready to get out of the house so i went for a walk in the alleyways nearby. it's muggy and warm, and feels not at all like november. this is how taiwan always feels in my memories.

whenever i come home, i make an effort to walk by this house, which is conveniently near my favorite breakfast spot. it's so simple - all straight, spare lines and monochromatic. i also love the way the flowers are weaving their way through the fence, and the pink against the charcoal, wood, and white. 


i'm due for a nap now (totally losing the battle against jet lag today...) but will be back soon with more of taiwan. we go to taipei tomorrow and ilan monday! xoxo