kata noi

it's almost august, and i'm craving a beach vacation. since i don't have one planned anytime soon, i'm consoling myself by going through these photos from our belated honeymoon to thailand a couple months back. look at that sky! i'm setting it as my screensaver right now. 


we stayed on kata noi beach, and since it was low season, there were barely any others around. our fellow guests consisted of several korean couples who walked around filming themselves at all times with some some sort of tripod contraption, and europeans who kept staging amateur photo shoots on the rocks down by the beach. there was a lot of self-documentation going on. 


hhh and i spent most of our time in the pool, reading and eating, and thinking about what to eat next. hhh had a really difficult time grasping the concept of having nothing to do, so it took him a day or two to catch on. even then, he spent most of his time taking photos of the aforementioned fellow hotel guests and their weird antics, and the parade of chinese couples having their wedding photos taken on the beach right below our villa (see exhibits a and b). 

exhibit a

exhibit a

exhibit b

exhibit b

there were a couple of afternoon showers...


but it was lovely weather for the most part. 


the villa wasn't too shabby either. 


we spent ninety-five percent of our time at the resort. my plan was to sit on my ass as much as possible, since i knew we'd be going to tokyo next and i probably would be walking ten hours a day for the next week. on one of our last full days, we went into old phuket town and had a meal. the architecture there is pretty interesting, a mish-mash of sino/british/colonial. 


unfortunately, we went to town in the middle of a downpour, so we weren't able to walk around too much. plus, we had a driver foisted on us by the hotel, who didn't seem to think that there was anything worth seeing in old town and was very resistant to driving us around there. mostly, he just wanted us to go to this one seafood restaurant (which did turn out to have the most delicious fried giant shrimp and spicy mussels). 


it was my first time to a beach in thailand, since i'd only previously transited through or gone to bangkok for work. i wouldn't say no to going back. now...where i should go for my next sun/sand vacation?